bosch 1671b power tool battery
bosch 1671b power tool battery
bosch 1671b power tool battery

BOSCH 1671B Power Tool Battery,Cordless Drill Battery For BOSCH 1671B

  • bosch 1671b power tool battery

BOSCH 1671B Power Tool Battery

  • Capacity: 3500 mAh
  • Cell Type: Ni-Cd
  • Color: Black
  • Voltage: 36 V
  • Weight: 1198 g
  • Dimensions: 97.92 x 72.77 x 156.99 mm
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  • Original Price: $ 269.35
  • Now Price: $ 206.62
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What is the run time of BOSCH 1671B power tool battery?

  • BOSCH 1671B power tool battery have two main ratings on them: Volts and Amperes. Because size and weight of power tool Battery is limited when compared to larger batteries such as car batteries, most companies show their ratings with Volts and Mill amperes. One thousand Mill amperes equals 1 Ampere. When buying a battery, select batteries with the most Mill amperes (or Ah). Batteries are also rated by Watt-Hours, perhaps the simplest rating of all. This is found by multiplying the Volts and the Amperes together. For example:

  • 14.4 Volts, 4000mAh (Note: 4000mAh is equal to 4.0 Amperes)
  • 14.4 x 4.0 = 57.60 Watt-Hours

  • Watt-Hours signifies the energy needed to power one watt for one hour. This power tool Battery can power 57.60 watts for one hour. If your cordless drill runs at 20.50 watts, as an example, this power tool Battery could power your cordless drill for 2.8 hours.

BOSCH 1671B power tool battery Secure & Guarantee

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    7.Provides an extend 2-Year Warranty for supplier's defects.

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